What We Do

Every place your organization wants to go, other than where it is now, travels through the intersection of creativity, learning, and cultural change.

How well you embrace each of those elements will determine how successful you are in changing from the organization you are now, to the one you want to be.

Every organization is telling a story.  They are telling a story to their customers, to their employees, and to the world at large.  A story about who you are, what you value, and what you want to bring to the world. Often it’s the same story, but when it isn’t, it creates a tension that needs to be resolved before things can progress. Sometimes the story is consistent, but it’s not the one you wish you were telling.

Some of the things Jason can help you and your organization with:


  • Story telling workshops
  • Team building workshops
  • Speech writing
  • Keynote addresses
  • Social Media Training/Consulting

Cultural Change

  • Change Management Consulting
  • Organizational Development
  • Training Needs Analysis

Adult Learning

  • Training design
  • Course review
  • Adult learning fundamentals
  • Train the trainer programs