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Cable 14 Debate Now Live!

A few weeks ago, 11 of the 13 candidates for Ward 1 gathered at the Cable 14 studio on Dundurn to record what has so far been the only debate of the election.  I have heard from many people (including other candidates!) that I was the most knowledgeable and informed person there.  I have always prided myself on being a source of information about all things Ward 1, and it was nice to be able to play that role again.  Check it out here if you have an hour or or so, and would like to stay informed.

Thank you for donating to my campaign, every dollar makes a difference. Ten signs cost $40 to print while postcards are just over $100 per thousand and there are many other costs to running a campaign. I would like to remind my donors that, by law, we are not allowed to accept donations from corporations, from labour unions or from political parties. Should you be feeling exceptionally generous, there is also currently a limit of $1,200 on the amount any one person can contribute to my campaign.

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Photo credits:  Jeff Tessier