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Crystle Numan, Kirkendall Resident and Community Garden Volunteer

I have a plot at the Hill Street Community Garden. Jason’s property backs on to it. He has always been supportive of the garden and its goals of community connections, beautiful spaces, and adaptive re-use of under used land. Our conversations about our gardens have often turned to how to make our city better for everyone. Jason has energy and passion. He has my vote this October 22nd.

Thank you for donating to my campaign, every dollar makes a difference. Ten signs cost $40 to print while postcards are just over $100 per thousand and there are many other costs to running a campaign. I would like to remind my donors that, by law, we are not allowed to accept donations from corporations, from labour unions or from political parties. Should you be feeling exceptionally generous, there is also currently a limit of $1,200 on the amount any one person can contribute to my campaign.

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Photo credits:  Jeff Tessier